Turquoise Statement

I wore this gorgeous turquoise necklace a few weeks ago at the event I had at Touch of Sass, a local accessories boutique. I am wearing a T by Alexander Wang  t-shirt,  Gap jeans, a turquoise necklace from Touch of Sass, and Christian Louboutin shoes.  Fun fact:  these are my wedding shoes.  Yes, I wore red shoes with my white dress.  How scandalous.



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9 responses to “Turquoise Statement

  1. That skirt looks so comfy!

  2. That necklace is fabulous!!! And I love how your simple pieces make it the centerpiece of your outfit.
    Red shoes with a wedding dress isn’t scandalous, is it? That means you can still wear them now to fun events and not just one day.
    I always imagine that when I get married, I would go the Carrie Bradshaw route and buy a relatively simple dress but have gorgeous bright colored shoes. If I can find something cobalt blue like hers, then that’s even better.

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    I love that necklace–such a great statement maker (Touch of Sass NEEDS to open an e-commerce site!!!). A friend of mine is getting married next June and she is planning to wear Purple Christian Louboutin’s. I think it’s a great idea! And so fun!!

  4. I love this outfit Sydney! You make a t-shirt and jeans look glamorous!

  5. I love your jeans! Does Gap still carry that style and fade?

  6. Love it! I also wore colored shoes with my wedding dress, except mine were bright blue (and counted as my something blue). I didn’t want to wear white ones, because I knew I’d never wear them again. Love that you wore red shoes!

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