Studded Belt

I had to have this belt.  Had. To. Have. It.  After I watched Sex and the City, I knew I had to find a belt similar to the one Carrie wore.  Nothing says originality like stealing a look from a blockbuster hit.  I have had  this belt for well over a year now, and this is only my second time to wear it.  Huh.  Maybe I didn’t really have to have it; however, I do love the edge it adds to a feminine dress.


I finally got some decent pictures today.  I have taken pictures every day this week, but the pictures have not turned out well, so I don’t post them.  Grr.  I am in major need of a new camera, and think I am going to finally take the plunge and get a big girl camera.  That, or steal my sister’s.  This outfit took me to run a couple errands and to work.

I am wearing a Gap skirt, Forever 21 t-shirt, Payless shoes, and a belt from Bluefly.

I am posting one extra picture today because I am proud of myself for doing my hair.  And by doing, I mean I brushed AND blow-dried it.  I am documenting this so people can’t say I never fix my hair.  See? Proof.



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10 responses to “Studded Belt

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    You look adorable and stylishly put together! Isn’t it funny how we “have to have” something and then it sits in our closet or drawer? I’m finding that out as I’m going through clothes and putting away “Summer”…getting out “Winter.” (too many items with tags still on them–embarrassing!)

  2. oh I LOVE that belt! I wanted it so badly after seeing SATC.

  3. I love how you’ve put the outfit together.
    Looks fabulous =)

  4. Oh I love Carrie’s outfit!!!!
    And yours looks just adorable!!!!

    I like your blog very much 🙂
    Would you trade links with me?

  5. OMG! I have that very same belt. You look so fab .
    Long time !
    Keep in touch

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