Since it has been cold here, I have been able to wear scarves.  I don’t actually have any traditional scarves, just a ton of pashminas, so that is what I have been wearing as a scarf.  While there are many ways to wear a pashmina, I have kind of been obsessed with this knotted look.  I wore my pashmina like this on Friday and Sunday morning to meet with clients.

I am wearing Elizabeth and James leggings and blazer, an H&M sweater, Steven Madden booties, an old pashmina, and a brooch.

I have also been obsessed with adding a brooch to my pashmina.



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24 responses to “Pashmina

  1. excuse moi while coping this pashmina =brooch look.It’s great ,thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Ooo I really love the brooch on the scarf.

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    I love the brooch, too. I had a really cute one, but the woman that gave it to me for Christmas dumped my brother and so I got rid of it!!! Now I wish I had it back!!! (Sydney: any ideas where to find a reasonably priced linen/cotton long scarf in brown? I don’t want to spend the amount that “Love Quotes” charges!!)

  4. MLC

    Could you do a quick tutorial on how you tied your scarf like that? Thanks:)

  5. I love how your sweater sleeves stick out from the blazer. It’s the little touches like that that show off personality and style.

  6. Ann

    I love how you tie your pashima….it may be easy but it confuses me…please do a tutorial :)!

  7. Love the knotted look. I’m going to copy it. You’ve been forewarned.

  8. I really like the black outfit with the little pop of purple! Pretty.

    Like everyone else, I’m loving the knotted pashmina and the brooch! I’ll also copy that look! 🙂

  9. PamelaSusan

    Permalink to your “Knotting your Pashmina” video (for my reference later):

  10. Liz

    I love how you wear your scarfs. I would love to learn how you do it.

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  12. Paula Lee M.

    I love the look. And I am especially intrigued by your brooch. My mom had one like it with an extra round set of rhinestones from the fifties i think. I liked it so much that when I found one just like yours at a vintage booth about 15 years ago I bought it. Then a few years ago she gave me hers. They are two og my most treasured brooches and I have a lot!

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