h.g.s Summer Sale

Even though it is now technically fall, here in Austin it won’t feel like fall for another month of so.  So, hunt.gather.style is having a summer sale at Etcetera, etc. this Saturday from 12-3.  All our pieces will be between 5 and 20 dollars.  There will be tons of summer pieces and a few pieces for fall.  When it officially becomes fall here, we will have our big fall shop stocked with new pieces.  Don’t live in town?  We put a few new pieces up on our Etsy shop and will be adding more this week.



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Another J. Crew Necklace

The J.Crew necklace I posted about last week went on sale today.  Since there was an extra 30% off sale items, I snatched it up.  Now I am tempted by this guy.  How many statement necklaces does one girl need?  I say you can never have enough.  

Cabochon fan necklace


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Throwing a Bridal Shower

Last weekend my mom, sister, and I threw my youngest sister a bridal shower.  She had two requests: no games and champagne.  A girl after my own heart.  My mom and I schemed for weeks about what we were going to serve, how we were going to decorate, and what we were going to do  — besides drink champagne.

My sister is studying to be a baker, so I went with a baking themed bridal shower.  These invitations from The Perched Owl Etsy shop were perfect.  I also included recipe cards for each attendee to fill out with their favorite recipe.

Bake and Shake Couples Wedding Shower Invitation

My mom and I then decided to have a mimosa bar.  Who doesn’t love mimosas?  My personal champagne drink of choice is a champassion — champagne and passion fruit juice topped with raspberries.  This was most people’s favorite.

We decided to have mini finger foods.  We had Greek salad bites, goat cheese and truffle potatoes, mini potato skins, a cheese plate, fruit plate, and mini quiches.  It was all easy to make and only two required the oven.

Since my sister will be a full-fledged baker soon, I thought it would be fun for us to all decorate mini cakes.  This was a hit.  You get to decorate and eat a cake?  Win!

Despite my sister’s coaching on how to decorate a cake, this is what I managed to end up with.  Obviously, I am not going to be a professional cake decorator anytime soon. A professional champassion drinker?  Maybe.

My very talented other sister was on hand to take portraits of everyone.  She is quite good at what she does.

She’ll take pictures of you and your dog, too.

Overall, it was a fantastic Saturday.


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Animal Print

I do not own any traditional animal prints like cheetah or leopard, but I do own three dresses with animals on them–my version of animal prints.  I picked up this horse print dress at Stein Mart this past week.  It is really cute and comfortable.  If you find these in your local Stein Mart, I would recommend sizing down (something I failed to do).  I wore this to part one of my sister’s bachelorette/bridal shower weekend. I am really looking forward to fall and getting to wear this dress with my riding boots.

Vivienne Vivienne Tam dress from Stein Mart, J. Crew/Forever 21 necklace, wedges from Stein Mart.


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J. Crew Necklace

Sharon has this necklace in yellow.  She brought it over to my house and I told her we should timeshare the necklace. This blue one is goooooooooorgeous in person and may need to be my next statement piece.  

Archipelago necklace

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Avoiding the ‘Tox

I want Botox.  Not Real Housewives of _________ City Botox, but baby Botox.  Small, tiny injections of Botox that will help me age gracefully and slowly.  But, I won’t get Botox.  Why?  One:  I am deathly afraid of needles.  Two: I can’t get over the thought of poison being shot into my forehead.  So, I guess I should say that I like the idea of Botox.  I like the idea of something softening my fine lines and helping my sun-ravaged skin look a few years younger than it really is.  I never want to look frozen or like I am trying be decades younger than I am, but I want to wake up when I am 45 and have people say, “No.  Really?  I would have thought you were 38.”  Am I the only one?

Preventative care is imperative to my future face.  Right?  I am hoping that by doing small things now, I can avoid having to do drastic things later.  So, in an effort to avoid the ‘tox, I have been doing several things.

I have already spoken about my love of at-home peels.  They are fantastic.  My skin feels smooth, firm, and clear after a peel.  I do them weekly.

I slather my skin morning and night with multiple creams.  I have yet to find something I am 100% committed to, so I change every year or so.  Have one you love? I’d love to know about it.

My newest obsession is the Nu Skin ageLOC Galvanic Spa.  Yes, it was pricey, but worth every penny.  Every single one.

ageLOC Galvanic Spa

There are tons of very science-y facts about why this is great.  All I know is I love it.  My skin feels clean and bright after I use it and the lines on my forehead are much less pronounced.  My mom  bought one too and I can’t tell you how much firmer, smoother, and brighter her skin is.  Seriously. The difference in my skin wasn’t as drastic as hers, but I am still beyond pleased.  I am hoping that this little device, my peels, and my creams will help stay looking youthful.

What kind of anti-aging products do you use?


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Perfect Jacket

If this jacket wouldn’t eat up the bulk of my fall budget, it would be sitting in my closet right now.  

Tweed Jacket


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