Apparently I did not blog at all for the month of November.  Whoops. Here are few highlights from my month.

1.  After a long hiatus of not buying any jeans, I bought four pair: Current/Elliott’s Rolled Skinny, Rag & Bone’s Navy Legging, AG’s Farrah Skinny,and AG’s Prima Cigarette Jean.   I love them all.  I have to say the Rag & Bone are my favorite because they don’t stretch out like the AGs do.  I loooooooooove the high waist on the Farrah, but I hate that they need to be washed after two wears.  I am used to getting 5 wears before I need to wash a pair of jeans.  Don’t judge.  You wait that long too.

2.  I have fallen in love with these wedges.  They are suuuuuuper comfortable and are under 30 dollars.

3.  I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people and my double oven broke while I was cooking.  And locked.  With our Thanksgiving meal inside.  My oven held our food hostage.

4.  Luckily, we broke into my oven and Thanksgiving was saved.

5. I am now looking for a new double oven.  Have any suggestions?

How was your month?



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