Over the Weekend

So, I’m averaging a post a week.  I’m really staying on top of things.

This past weekend my husband and I spent the weekend on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country to celebrate his birthday.  It was perfect.  Work has been a little crazy, and a weekend away was just what we needed.



I lived in this Old Navy sweater.  I spent my Saturday sipping wine and catching up on magazines.


The cold front that came in Friday made it too chilly to swim, but it was still fantastic to sit next to a pool.

It is weekends like these that make me want to move out to a ranch.   How was your weekend?






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7 responses to “Over the Weekend

  1. I love that sweater. I always forget that it’s Old Navy because it looks like it should be more expensive! Nice score, Sydney! And getting away looks wonderful. Right now, it sounds like my house is going to BLOW away! Montauk is being hit by Sandy and it will get worse before it gets better. My husband tells me I’m worrying too much. (I’m trusting he’s right since he grew up on LI).

  2. I agree, love the sweater! Is that a recent Old Navy sweater?

  3. that looks like where i grew up. where were you?

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