Bridesmaid Dress Update

I finally found a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s upcoming wedding.  Well, I found my second one.  Technically I already have one, but I just ordered another one because I am not in love with mine.

This dress is on its way to me!  I took advantage of Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family discount (FRIENDS12) and got 20% off.  This dress is a steal.  I am hoping it is as good in person as it is online.  I am also hoping that my sister will allow me to pair it with my new J. Crew necklace.

large image view

I really wanted this DVF dress to wear to the wedding and was going to buy it during the Bloomingdale’s sale too, but it disappeared. I am assuming it sold out.  It has also disappeared from the Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman site. And, it is not on the DVF website.   Did this fantastic dress just sell like hotcakes?

Look. At. That. Back.  It is gooooooooorgeous.  I am really hoping this dress pops up again.

While I don’t love my new dress as much as this DVF one, I do love that is 400 dollars cheaper.  That is a plus!

I hope you have had a fantastic week and are about to have an even better weekend!!!



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3 responses to “Bridesmaid Dress Update

  1. Cheaper can definitely be better for the wallet, but omg, I hope you find that DVF dress because it is beyond gorgeous. So many wonder details!!

  2. The DVF dress is breathtakingly beautiful! No wonder you love it. WOW!!!

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