Another J. Crew Necklace

The J.Crew necklace I posted about last week went on sale today.  Since there was an extra 30% off sale items, I snatched it up.  Now I am tempted by this guy.  How many statement necklaces does one girl need?  I say you can never have enough.  

Cabochon fan necklace



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7 responses to “Another J. Crew Necklace

  1. weeeeeee! if you get this orange one we can time share it with my mint one too! haha

  2. Oh, it’s lovely. It’s your doing that I have any statement necklaces at all, and now feel the need for an orange one. Thank you?

  3. mamavalveeta03

    I’ve had my eye on that one, too. I’ve been debating over the peach or the green, but I see the green is sold out. I still am really thinking about the colorful one, though, so maybe I should get that one?!?

  4. J.

    OOOHH! So pretty! I secretly lust most of their gems, I have for years!

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