Why, hello there.  I took a little unexpected blog break the past two weeks.  I certainly didn’t mean to do that.  Whoops.  I finally got my Gap ankle zip legging jeans in.  They are pretty fantastic except for the fact that they don’t fit.  My usual size does not fit and I will not be sizing up.  Why?  Well, they don’t fit because I have put on about 5 pounds or so over the summer.  This happens every summer.  One would think that wearing a bathing suit and short shorts most of the time would cause a weight loss, but for me, summer always means a weight gain.  I blame it on the endless BBQs, margaritas, and the lack of pants, which unlike my comfy summer dresses, keep my waistline in check.   So it is operation calorie counting, or simply not eating tons of queso and margaritas.  Then I will shop for pants.  If you have not gained weight this summer and are looking for a great pair of black jeans, then I highly recommend the Gap ones.  They are pretty great.  Don’t order this studio sweater though.  It is itchy.

I did purchase this gorgeous top from 81 Poppies.  It is beautiful.  I have seen versions of this top all over the internet, but unlike those, this is silk and made in the USA.

So, that is another piece off my list.  I still am hunting for dresses, and as already stated, holding off on pants for now.  What have you been up to?



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4 responses to “Updates

  1. That is one gorgeous blouse and it looks like YOU! I love their stuff, but I’m not sure I’d fit into it. (12-14??)

    • Several of the tops, like the Michelle blouse, are roomy. I can wear a 2 in that blouse, but prefer a 4 and usually am a 6. I would say the Michelle blouse in a 12 would be perfect.

      This one is a 6 and is true to size.


      This is sent from my phone, so please excuse any mistakes.

  2. I love the sleeves. I have a couple of tops with those sleeves and they just seem so easy to wear.

  3. That top is amazing. I love these sort of tops but hadn’t seen one in silk; it’s gorgeous.

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