Ann Taylor Top

I popped into Ann Taylor a couple of weeks ago and tried on this top.  I absolutely loved it.  The fit is great and the high neckline is perfect for showing off a statement necklace.  Its only downside?  It is polyester. And they wanted 68 dollars for it.  I am not willing to pay almost 70 dollars for polyester.   While poly is great because it doesn’t wrinkle, it doesn’t breathe.  In Texas, you need clothes that breathe.  Now it is on sale for 40 dollars.  40 seems reasonable for a poly top.  What do you think?




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4 responses to “Ann Taylor Top

  1. I think you can do better than $40.00. Surely there is something similar out there.

    • Possibly, but I shop a whole lot and haven’t found anything that fits like it. A great fit is worth a lot more than 40.


      This is sent from my phone, so please excuse any mistakes.

  2. $40 doesn’t seem too bad if it’s good quality and fit. What percentage of your fall budget will it take up?

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