My fall list (so far) contains the following items:

Two pairs of jeans: one in black and one in dark denim

A pair of pants, preferably navy

Three dresses that can I can wear both day and night

A new lightweight blazer or jacket

A pair of comfortable wedges or booties

Two silk button downs

This past weekend I was able to check the  first item off  my list.  I found the perfect lightweight blazer.   My Gap purchase hasn’t come in, so I am not sure if I can check the jeans off yet.

 Bouclé peplum jacket

This J. Crew jacket is fantastic.  The fit is lovely and since I live in a warm climate , I love that it isn’t lined.  If you live in a cooler climate, you might not appreciate that it is unlined.  While the grey color is pretty, this navy is stunning.  I foresee myself wearing this all season long.

Have you made your first fall purchase?





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  1. love love love that Jcrew jacket! c’mon cooler weather!!

  2. I have. I purchased a rose gold sweater and a denim shirt last weekend. I plan on wearing both all fall and into winter if I can.

    Love that blazer; I can’t wait to see it on you.

  3. Ooh, I love seeing other people’s shopping lists. Along with a few other things, jeans, colored jeans, and a schoolboy blazer were on my list, and I scored big time on all three of those at the recent Gap friends & family sale. Their ponte blazers are really great for a classic shape, but I love and adore that JCrew one. I can see it getting a ton of use!

  4. My list is partly done – white silk button down (Club Monaco), slouchy tee (Everlane), statement necklace (ebay). The only think I haven’t found is a silk scarf with brown tones. I saw that J. Crew jacket in the store the other day. Not good for me with my long torso, otherwise I’d have bought. It’s very cute.

  5. J.

    I have some pants that I think I might be able to wear soon, provided the weather stays this cool…

  6. Tara

    I recently found your blog and really like it! I bought the Gap 1969 jeans in black, and so far so good (although, strangely, I found that a 6R- my usual size- fit in some colors but was WAY TOO SMALL in other colors).

    I’m a terrible shopper. I buy what I want and then I don’t have basics. I’m going to try to make a list this season. I have a terrible time w/ shoes. Will you post some suggestions for great shoes for this fall/winter? Looking forward!

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