Best Find of the Weekend

I did some thrifting this weekend and found plenty of great stuff for our next shop.  My favorite find of the weekend was this sequin top.  Of course this isn’t the exact top I found; this one is on eBay.  It is, however, the exact top I found.  Apparently there were two women sporting a sequin nautical top years ago.

Did you find anything good this weekend?


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5 responses to “Best Find of the Weekend

  1. Anchors, stripes and sequins. That sounds like a combo that J.Crew would create. 🙂
    I went on a shopping excursion into the city but pretty much behaved myself. Just came home with a top from H&M and some scarves from F21.

  2. Nikki

    I JUST realized that Stella & Dot now have the renegade cluster bracelet in silver. That was my great weekend find. Do they ever offer coupon codes or promos?

  3. Hi. first time Visiting your site & fond it really interesting. This sequin top seems very nice. Mixture of Golden colour in sequins always adds great flavour such as in this sequin top.

    Hopefully I will find some other interesting stuff next time I visit. Thank

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