The Start of my Fall Wish List

I think I have come up with a number for my fall budget.  Think.   What I do know is that there are several pieces I need.  On the top of the list are two new pairs of jeans: one black skinny, preferably cropped at the ankle, and  one dark denim skinny.  Since Grechen spoke so highly of them, I have ordered Gap’s ankle zip legging jeans in black.   I am hoping they work out since they are waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than many of the other pairs that top my wishlist.  I’ll keep you posted.




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10 responses to “The Start of my Fall Wish List

  1. I think they look awesome on Grechen, so she’s definitely got me thinking about them. I’m going to wait until you post, too, Sydney! I’ll let you two be my guinea pigs!! 😉

  2. woohoo!! i think they’ll be great on you 🙂

  3. They look nice. They’re a bit unusual with the zip on the inside of the ankle.

  4. I had a fall-ish color skinny jean on my list and bought these in the dark green last weekend when Gap was having the friends & family sale… and I love them! I was quite pleased with how they were for the price – haven’t tried on Gap jeans in quite a while but am glad I gave them another go.

  5. Nikki

    Did the zip leggings work out?

  6. Tara

    So, what do folks think a reasonable budget is?

    • Hmmmmm….That’s a tough one. I think it can range from 50 dollars to unlimited. It all depends on someone’s financial situation. I will say most of my client’s are in the 300-1500 range with a few outliers on both sides.

  7. Victoria Munoz

    I recently purchased these gap skinnies in gray and I love them! Which is saying a lot because I always have a horrible time finding pants! I think you will really like these… Have they come in yet? 🙂

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