Last Week

This past week it rained a lot here.  Every day we were lucky enough to receive buckets and buckets of rain.  After last year’s drought, this week of rain was more than welcomed.   Does anyone else see the figure in the clouds? I told my husband it was Falcor.  He didn’t know what I was talking about.

I spent the rainy hours reading  What Remains   in bed with this guy.  I laughed.  I cried.  I recommend it.

Friday morning was gorgeous, so we headed to the creek near our house for a morning swim.

On Friday night I got the idea from Home Run Ballerina to make fingerling potatoes stuffed with goat cheese and truffle oil.  They were delicious. I think I ate 10 of them.  You should make them this weekend.  

How was your week?



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3 responses to “Last Week

  1. mamavalveeta03

    Sydney, those potatoes distracted me from what I was going to say about the cloud. They look DELISH! I think the cloud looks like a horse about to turn into a tornado! (what is Falcor from? I asked my daughter and she didn’t know, either.)

    • Val, you must make those potatoes. I didn’t use the dressing that the recipe called for because I didn’t have sherry vinegar. I did drizzle olive oil over the them before adding the goat cheese. Seriously. Delicious!

      Falcor is the the flying dog/dragon thing from the *Never Ending Story.* I was OBSESSED with the movie as a child and used to dress up as the princess in it constantly.

  2. sounds like a great weekend! so happy for the rain!!!

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