Fall Jacket

I must be crazy for ordering this jacket even though it is 100 degrees outside.  Obviously, I won’t be able to wear it for months, but I snatched it up anyways.  It came in yesterday and it is pretty great.  The arms are pretty narrow and won’t work well with a long sleeved top, but will work great with my sleeveless tops and dresses.  Normally I don’t buy for fall until around September, but I couldn’t resist this jacket. I have been wanting a Chanel-esque jacket, minus the giant price tag.  While it is not quite as Chanel-y as I would like, I think it is pretty great.  Can you even think about fall right now?



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8 responses to “Fall Jacket

  1. I’m on the crazy boat with you! I got the Nordstrom half-yearly catalog last week and can’t wait until the time comes so I can order a leather jacket. Although I’m not apart of the fashion industry, I think ahead as far as seasons go with planning my wardrobe purchases.
    Love the jacket and can totally see you wearing that, especially with your flowy dresses.

  2. Desert Flower

    Count another on the crazy train. I bought a similar jacket from Revolve a few days ago – the By Zoe Fiva jacket. What drew me to it, besides the Chanel-ish vibe, was that it is all cotton. In Arizona even in fall and winter I try to stay with natural fibers. I think I will wear it a lot.

  3. Nope. Fall isn’t even on the radar. Unless of course, I see something on Pop Sugar or Refinery 29 about the Fall J Crew collection…then you might catch my attention. But I can’t buy fall right now. It’s too hot and I like to wear what I buy right away!

  4. I do like to wear things right away when I buy them, but it’s also hard to pass up an amazing deal! And actually, I was on the hunt for a similar jacket and found a sweater jacket like it not too long ago for super cheap – so I’ll just admire it in my closet while I’m sweating in sundresses for now…

  5. That jacket is great. I love the slim cut.
    I’m on a shopping ban right now, but I said at the beginning that I reserved the right to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because that is where I begin my fall shopping.

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