Printed Shorts

It currently feels like Austin is melting.  The sun’s death rays are quite piercing and all I care to wear are shorts or very light dresses.  These printed shorts from Old Navy are super cute and would help me stay cool during this 100 + weather.

I have owned Old Navy shorts in the past and have been fairly pleased.  They don’t really last more than two seasons, but for about 20 bucks, you can’t really expect them to.  Are you melting where you are?



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8 responses to “Printed Shorts

  1. mamavalveeta03

    I find that the fit is hit or miss for me, but my mucho younger daughter, 14, can wear them easily. She likes the cut-offs. And I am pleased to say, I am NOT melting!! (but I’m sick, so who cares?)

  2. I looked for those shorts at my local Old Navy and they were nowhere to be seen. The sailboat ones are SO MILLY (without the Milly pricetag). Did you end up buying them?

  3. Stacey

    I don’t wear shorts but these are cute. I live in Frisco and we’re melting too. I’ve decided I’m not leaving my house until the end of August. Lol

  4. Ani

    I sure did see these in stores the other day and passed right by them, who knows why? But I might have to go back for the sailboats.

  5. Ooh, I have been eyeing these. SO cute.

  6. I was debating buying them during my recent ON online shopping (I came for the polka dot cardigans, stayed for the sale items!). Shorts are very iffy for me, so I want to try them on in store before I buy – they’re so cute though that I hope they fit well 🙂

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