Anthropologie Catalog Haze

This happens every time I get the Anthropologie catalog: I want EVERYTHING.  Every.Single. Thing. And then I go into the store and don’t want much.  I went yesterday, tried on a few pieces, but  left empty handed.   Today  the new catalog came in, and again, I need it all.  I want this white bag and I do not like white bags. Oh, Anthro, why must you do this to me?   Does a catalog do this to you?



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4 responses to “Anthropologie Catalog Haze

  1. Yes! That happens to me too with Anthropologie and even with JCrew (though a little less so there). I think for me it must be something about the appeal of everything styled up just-so in the catalog that makes things seem a little flat and like I can’t figure out how to make them as great when they’re just hanging on the rack…

  2. I’m like Anne and feel that way about the J. Crew catalog. I received the Anthro catalog the other day and spotted that lace tote too. It is so feminine and pretty. I contemplated purchasing but had to remind myself that I’m on a bag ban. The only thing I really wanted to buy was a belt. I’m feeling uninspired by the clothing on the racks right now.

  3. That happens to me every time the Anthropologie or J.Crew catalog comes. I did break down and buy a pair of shoes from Anthro after seeing them in two catalogs.

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