Prepping for Summer

Here in Austin, it is officially summer.  I love summer and all of its water related activities.  What I don’t love  as much is actually being in a bathing suit.  I love swimming, but lounging in my bathing suit is not something I love.  In order to make this a bit easier, I have been trying to make myself a little more bathing suit ready by using Jergens Natural Glow and dry brushing.

I am a fair-skinned person, but this Jergens has helped  me be a little less pasty.  It is pretty foolproof and doesn’t smell like some other self-tanners I have used.  I don’t like getting an actual tan, but really prefer the way I look in a swimsuit if I have a bit of color.  Jergens does just that.

I have also been relying on dry brushing to help minimize the apperarnce of cellulite.

While I know that nothing truly gets rid of cellulite, I do think my dry brushing has helped.  Maybe it is all in my head, but it makes me feel better. Three or four times a week before a shower, I dry brush my body.  I don’t have a fancy brush, just one I got as a gift after a spa treatment.  These two things combined have helped ease my bathing suit anxiety a bit.  What do you do to prep for the summer?



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6 responses to “Prepping for Summer

  1. mamavalveeta03

    I’ve always read about dry brushing but whenever I tried it, it HURT! (wrong brush, perhaps?) I start shaving my legs on a regular basis again (the hibernation coat has to go!), exfoliate with a salt scrub by Philosophy, and also use Jergens Natural Glow. Plus, since I love the feel of the sun in short bursts, I actually do let my legs get a bit of natural color. But face? NEVER!

    • I wouldn’t say it is the most pleasant feeling in the world, but mine doesn’t hurt. I don’t know what kind of brush mine is, but the spa used it on me one time when I went in for a treatment. I do really think it has made a difference, or I could just be convincing myself of this…. Either way, I’ll take it!

  2. J.

    I like the dry brush for the first 2 minutes then it is sort of painful…( Anyway, I don’t do much summer prepping unless you count the left arm car tan that I get every year before March ends…)

  3. Marlene Costa

    Cellulite is the thing I’m most self-conscious about on my body. Stealing a friend’s saying, I’ve resigned to make summer ’12 the “Summer of Health!” I let it go a bit in the school year with stress, but now I have no excuse and am going to hit the gym more. Heavy lifting with my legs helps. I’ve never tried creams or dry brushing, but am tempted! I’m all for anything that makes you feel good. 🙂

    As far as other summer prep goes, I try to up my water intake to stay hydrated and start slathering on Avon’s skin-so-soft almost every time I go out, as a mosquito repellent. If it’s really bad, then I’ll use the good ol’ deet, but usually the bath oil works well enough and the smell reminds me of summer camp!

  4. I agree that dry brushing helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and it I notice it makes my skin look more radiant. My hubby says it’s in my head, but I think not:-)!

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