This dress is going back.  My natural waist does not start in the middle of my boobs.  Boo.



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6 responses to “Lies

  1. mamavalveeta03! I am long-waisted to begin with, and then when they make dresses with an artificially high waist line, fuhgeddaboudit! ( Think someone told them that a higher waist is “flattering”? …even tho’ it’s uncomfortable as hell…)

  2. This happened to me last night. With a maxi dress. The waist literally hit me mid-boob. I looked pregnant and like I had strange boobs. Not a good look.

  3. Oh man!!! I was so hoping this was long enough. Bummer. It does look like a pretty dress. I’m like mamavalveeta, I have a very long torso. Where the waist seam falls is super important and unfortunately a lot of them are way too high. Well at least you can return. The search for a white dress continues, for both of us.

  4. mamavalveeta03

    I guess I don’t really get who the manufacturers or designers are cutting clothes for? And who in the world is their fit model???

  5. Darn – because it’s cute!

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