Wedding Gifts

I usually buy off the registry for weddings, but this year I have several dear friends that are getting married/have gotten married and just buying off the registry didn’t seem like enough.  Ever since my friend Linda started her Etsy shop, Though Very Humble , I knew I would be ordering a few custom pieces as gifts.  Yesterday I received my pictures and am beyond excited to send them on their way to my friends.  I am thinking about  having one made for myself, too.

This one is for my girlfriend that got married last month.  I love all the details and their sweet stance.  Do you always buy off the registry?




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2 responses to “Wedding Gifts

  1. mamavalveeta03

    It depends upon how well I know the couple. If I don’t know them all that well, I’ll use the registry. But if they’re close friends, I get so much JOY from finding them the perfect gift!

  2. Thanks for the sweet shout-out Sydney!

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