A Trip to the Tailor

I am a firm believer in tailoring; it can totally transform a piece.  Before, my only adventures in tailoring were to shorten or take in pieces, but this time around, I had my tailor remove sleeves. I loved the print and shape of both dresses, but found myself never wearing them because of the sleeves .  I almost threw them into my sell pile, but realized I could easily have the sleeves removed.  This DVF dress had puff sleeves, which I found were a bit too girly for me.  Sleeves removed, I now have a great dress for summer.

I have now worn my new wedges two days in a row.  Yesterday I left my house at 8:30 and didn’t get home until 8:00 that night.  My day was not spent sitting, either, and not once did my feet ache.  They were worth the trip to Rack Room!



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4 responses to “A Trip to the Tailor

  1. those shoes look fabulous!!! glad you managed to save this dress–the print is great!

  2. mrsnonia

    I’m also a nut about tailoring. I have the best tailor, she has literally transformed pieces that I was not wearing into things I reach for all the time. I really like your DVF sleeveless. Good idea!

  3. mamavalveeta03

    What a GREAT idea! Of course, that’s why you’re the professional and I’m not! Love it.

  4. J.

    Great print!
    So right on having things altered to suit your style!

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