Yesterday I stalked a woman in Target.  Seriously.  She walked past me and I noticed how cute her shoes were.  I then went to the shoe department myself, looked around, decided I didn’t like anything, and then went hunting for the woman wearing the cute shoes.  That’s how cute these shoes were.  I found her in the clothing section.    When I (non-creepily, I swear) asked her about her shoes, she said they were from a store called Rack Room in Lubbock.  I had never heard of this store.  She also said that they were reeeeeally comfortable.  Cute and comfortable?  Win!

I thanked her, pulled out my iPhone and googled this store.  You cannot buy these shoes online, but it turns out there is one in super south Austin and one in the town just north of Austin.  I am headed to the town north of Austin today.   I am traveling to a different town for these shoes.  Hopefully they will be as comfortable as she claimed.   Let’s be honest.  I don’t need anymore “dinner shoes”: shoes that are gorgeous but can only be worn if I am sitting all night.  I need shoes that are cute and comfy, otherwise I won’t wear them.  These shoes would work well day to night, would go with tons of outfits, and their 40 dollar price tag means I won’t be sad when they bite the dust after I wear them into the ground this summer.

How far have you traveled for shoes?  Ever stalked a woman to find out more about her shoes?




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9 responses to “Stalker

  1. I bet she was flattered that you ask and glad she told you where they’re from–I need them!!!!!

  2. Kate

    You cannot avoid Lubbock! If you don’t find it, it will find you – even if it’s in the form of cute wedges.

  3. They’re cute! I’m proud you found her and got the details. You’re a style detective.

    I haven’t stalked anyone for shoes, but I will follow people around the thrift store and see if they are going to buy something they are holding that I want. Sometimes they put it back on the rack; sometimes not.

  4. mamavalveeta03

    Oh yeah…I have no pride when it comes to following someone to give them a compliment and beg for the details! I did just that in Washington DC this weekend. My poor husband just said, “Oh go ahead. You know you want to ask her!” So, of course, I did! And women are more than happy to oblige. Who doesn’t like praise for their wonderful shopping skills?!?

  5. Kim

    I am surprised you haven’t heard of Rack Room. They have coupons in the Sunday paper, via text and via email. To the north, there is one in Round Rock in La Frontera next to the Barnes and Noble, one in Pflugerville in Stone Hill Town Center off of the toll and one in Wolf Ranch off of I-35 and Hwy 29/University.

    The BOGO applies to clearance shoes too!

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