The White Dress?

While I have a couple white dresses, I have been on the hunt for a new one.  One that is a little longer than the ones I own, one that can easily be topped with a jacket, and one that transitions from day to night.  I bought this Theory one this morning from Saks.  Have you checked out the sale at Saks?  They have lots of pieces for summer marked down by 40%.  Since I had to pre-order it, I won’t know if it works until mid-June.  The only thing I am worried about is the length.  It claims to be 24 inches from the natural waist, but it looks a bit short.  Only time will tell if I have finally found a white dress that meets all my requirements.




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3 responses to “The White Dress?

  1. that dress is going to look so great on you! I’m not buying the 24 inches from natural waist either

  2. mrsnonia

    You must post immediately when you get it. It’s in stock now so I’m sure it will ship soon. If it’s actually 24″ from waist, and livechat swears that it is, I’m ordering too!

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