Summer Jackets

I am in need of a few lighter weight jackets.  I love wearing blazers because they add a bit of polish to every outfit, but it is getting  too hot here for many of my blazers.  If I had a few more knit or silk blazers or jackets, I would be in a good shape.    Here are a few i am interested in.

I love, love, love my navy striped blazer and have been hunting for a black and white striped blazer.  This one is a great option.


I am really into this black one.  It also has a great open back.

I think this blush color jacket would go with perfectly with a white dress.

Do you wear jackets in the summer or forgo them all together?



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2 responses to “Summer Jackets

  1. Okay, the back on that black blazer is fabulous!!
    I will carry a blazer with me in the summer only because the office is freezing. I might wear it outside if the weather isn’t terribly hot in the morning.

  2. I love all of these. I thrifted a vintage peach one that’s nice and lightweight and will probably be worn all summer.

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