Money Doesn’t Buy You Comfort

I have found the most comfortable wedges on the face of the earth.  And they were under 40 dollars.  I have realized that expensive shoes do not equal comfort.  I have one pair of Louboutin heels, and you know what, they aren’t that comfortable.  I have a handful of other designer shoes and again, not so comfortable.  Those new Tory Burch sandals I bought?  Not that comfortable. I’m keeping them because they are exactly what I was looking for, but not the most comfortable thing I have ever worn.  But these Nickles wedges I picked up while wondering aimlessly at Stein Mart ?  Comfortable.  Like I- wore- them-all-day-and -cleaned-out-a-new -client’s-closet-comfortable.  I am in love.   I am also in love with this recap of Tim Gunn’s visit to Austin.  It makes me love him even more.

P.S.  I hope you are singing Countess Luann’s song “Money Can’t Buy You Class”.  I can’t stop.



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3 responses to “Money Doesn’t Buy You Comfort

  1. Mar.seaglass

    I love this post! True, but sometimes hard to remember. If you drop a lot of money on something, it seems quality and comfort would be synonymous although it’s not always the case!

  2. I know – you’d hope that by spending more to get quality, you’re also getting comfort, but I’ve nixed a few shoes I saved my pennies for when I realized they weren’t going to be comfortable. In that case I’d rather find something cute and inexpensive like these that feels good on my feet and replace next year if I have to….

    Also: did you get to see Tim Gunn?! Love him.

  3. J.

    I just had the same conversation on Sunday in which it was mentioned that Louboutins were not very comfortable…very interesting…
    I’ve been on the hunt for comfy flats for work (the floors there are horribly hard,) and they’ve been crazy hard to find! Ant suggestions?

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