Summer Sandals

This week I have picked up a  few replacements for my sandals that I wear all the time.   Last summer I wore out my black sandals and my favorite wedges.  My gold, nude, and silver sandals are on the verge being retired, too.  I have been hunting for the perfect replacements for them and finally found a couple pairs to replace a few of them.

I’ve ordered these in both gold and yellow.

And I splurged and ordered these.  Normally I wouldn’t spend much on sandals, but when the Shopbop friends and family code popped up, I went ahead and bought them. I have been wanting a sandal with a slight heel, and I think these are going to be perfect.

What are your summer sandal staples?



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3 responses to “Summer Sandals

  1. I have an old pair of black sandals from Zara that I love to pull out of the closet this time of year. I splurged on some Loeffler Randall sandals last year and probably wore them more than any other shoe I had last spring/summer. It was tough for me to spend so much on a seasonal shoe, but I don’t regret it. I think you’ll get plenty of wear out of those black TB sandals.

  2. I have a pewter pair of Lovely People sandals with about a half inch wedge and they are the most comfortable, versatile sandals ever. So far they’re holding up pretty well, but if they ever give up the ghost, I’ll be devastated.

  3. mamavalveeta03

    Ooo…I love the Tory Burch wedge sandal! It is THE perfect height for me. I want something wearable (for me) but I’m having a hard time finding something that is wedgie but not super-high platform. I’ve searched a lot of sites and haven’t found anything yet. Keep your fingers crossed! I’ll probably resort to my old standbys: flip flops. (which really aren’t good for my feet at all!)

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