While on Vacation…

 I saw many beautiful sunsets.

I took many walks on the beach.

Sometimes the only other living creatures on the beach were these guys.

I carried this gorgeous clutch from Etcetera, etc.

I sat and listened to reggae music at an outdoor bar.  There was dancing, too.

I think I had a good time.  Now, I’m trying to catch up on work.  I hope you had a great Easter weekend!



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7 responses to “While on Vacation…

  1. S

    Pictures are so beautiful!

  2. mamavalveeta03

    It sounds heavenly….and warm. You look very relaxed and happy!

  3. Ok. It’s official. I’m 100% jealous!

  4. You “think” you had a good time? Girl I’m with melanie on this one…totally jealous lol. Gorgeous pics.


  5. Beautiful! The beaches look absolutely amazing.

  6. melindajoe

    Gahhh!! I miss Anguilla!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

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