Morning Walk

After 12 hours of traveling, we arrived in paradise.  Here are two shots from our walk this morning  in Anguilla, a sleepy island in the Caribbean.



I may never return.



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11 responses to “Morning Walk

  1. melindajoe

    Dude, that’s where we went for our honeymoon!! Make sure to eat at Picante if you like Mexican. I’m from SoCal, so we have great Mexican food here, but theirs is fabulous. Have a great time!

  2. I wouldn’t blame you for not returning home, that water looks gorgeous.
    Enjoy your vacation!!

  3. melindajoe

    We went to Anguilla for our honeymoon. It was amazing. If you like Mexican food, make sure to go to Picante. We live in SoCal, so we have great Mexican here, but Picante is fabulous. Great margaritas, great food. Have a wonderful time!!

  4. oh yes, I’d stay there too definitely! You could just become a professional blogger and work from there!
    Enjoy your vacation!

    xxx Anita

  5. so jealous!!!!! why didn’t you pack me in your suitcase, i swear you would have never known i was there crashing your anniversary vacation:)

  6. melindajoe

    Oops. I posted the same thing twice! Completely unintentional. 🙂 Sorry!

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