Brights and Stripes

I picked this silk Neiman Marcus dress up at an estate sale about 6 months ago and have been looking forward to spring to be able to wear it.  When I am thrifting, I always look for natural fibers, especially silk.  I try hard to stay away from polyester and I usually stay away from knits, but only because they wear easily and something 20 years old is probably more worn than I want.  New silk is expensive.  Worth every penny, but expensive.  Vintage and thrifted silk is much, much cheaper.  As is vintage wool, another expensive fabric if bought new.  This dress was by no means a steal, I paid about 20 dollars for it and then almost 30 to have it taken in, but, in my opinion, still a bargain.  It is well made, a pretty color, and I will get a lot of use out of it, so worth every penny.

I paired my silk dress with one of my favorite blazers.  Since there is a lot of color going on, I kept everything else simple.  Yes, I could have piled on the bracelets and added a colored shoe, but I think there is already a lot going on.  I thought simpler would be better.

Neiman Marcus dress, Forever 21 blazer, and Nine West shoes.



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8 responses to “Brights and Stripes

  1. We are dress twins! I found the same color silk dress yesterday and bought it immediately. How come no one has hired us to do a show called Fashion ESP?!

  2. mamavalveeta03

    Simpler is definitely better. And what a find!! You look great in that color. Perfect for the “neons” of spring (but much more user-friendly and flattering).

  3. I wear my striped blazer with my bright pink dress too! I love the combination. And the fact that that dress is silk? What a great find.

    Also, super gorgeous color on you!

  4. Adorable outfit! 🙂


  5. You are always so impeccably styled! So… effortless. After reading your blog I always think I need to ditch half of the items I am wearing (as long as everything is covered…)
    I love this dress!
    Sad we didn’t get to chat more in TX. I felt kinda scattered and busy and I felt sad about the lack of time after it was all over…

    • Jentine, you are too sweet! That weekend was crazy and I always want to spend more time with people, but it is just a crazy weekend! Even though it was brief, it was great to see you and catch up a bit!

  6. I love finding silk at the thrift store, it fits into my budget them. ^_^ This dress looks lovely on you, what a beautiful punch of color!

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