Thrifting Shoes

I never look at the shoes while thrifting.  For some reason used shoes are not my thing, but this week I picked up two pairs.  Granted, one pair had never been worn before, but the other pair has definitely been worn.  Lots.  I need a comfortable wedge for the summer(other than the BR ones on their way); one that can be in  tatters by the end of the season.  I am hard on my shoes.  Really hard.  I walk loudly and forcefully.  I have compared myself to a Clydesdale before.  Needless to say, I am tough on my shoes.  Especially in the summer.  I tend to get stuck on a pair of shoes and wear them several times a week and they tend to wear pretty quickly.  I always take them to the shoe hospital, and am able to squeeze another season out of them, but if I wear a pair all the time, they are unwearable quicker than I would like.  So, I picked up a pair of summer sandals.  I wanted a brand I could trust, and Cole Haan shoes are well made, plus they have the Nike Air in them, so you know they will be comfortable.  So, even though they have some wear on them, I think they have another summer in them.  I won’t be sad when I have to toss them at the end of the summer since they were under 15 dollars.

And these?  Would you say no to these adorable shoes?  I didn’t think so.

Do you ever thrift shoes?



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10 responses to “Thrifting Shoes

  1. I don’t. There is something about it that just gets to me and I can’t do it. Unless, of course, they’re brand new like those adorable floral pumps! (I think it stems from being married to a man with….how can I put this nicely?…horrible feet!)

  2. Oh, those floral ones are amazing. Just gorgeous.

    I thrifted a pair of vintage faux-fur snow boots the other day but I otherwise have a hard time finding my size (10). It’d be open to thrifting more shoes though if I could find them.

    And I walk loudly and forcefully too. I call it Frankensteining.

  3. Melonnie Murphy

    I also never thrift shoes…until last week. I saw a pair of red ankle cowboy boots, worn the the perfect broken in look only $5.99. I couldn’t say no…for the first time.

    Oh thrift shoes…how creepy you are.

  4. I do thrift shoes. I have bought stunning Salvatore Ferragamos, Carvellas, Nine Wests. A quick clean and they are ready to go.

  5. That last pair are great, so pretty. I have never really found a pair i like that fit, but i always look.
    Daisy Dayz

  6. Those floral pumps! I was in a wedding last summer, and we were supposed to wear those, but by the time we tried to order, they didn’t have all the sizes!

    I will thrift shoes sparingly, if they look pretty new/clean. Then I also scrub them out with hydrogen peroxide before I wear them.

  7. to be honest I thrift most of my shoes. I suffer from a rare disease called “obsession with designer shoes while being less than rich.” As a result I scour ebay, local thrift boutiques, and crossroads for hugely discounted designer shoes. My very small (but growing) collection already includes some prada, miu miu, dolce and gabbanna, and betsey johnson! if you are looking with open eyes, good shoes will be found!


    ps, seriously digging going thru your blog!

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