Good Investments

This Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent dress has ended up being a great investment.  Usually, cocktail-y dresses do not end up being a good investment for me.  I splurge on them because I am distracted by shiny things and then only wear them once or twice.  This one, however, has been worn multiple times, both in the day and in the night.   I can’t remember what I paid for it, but I would guarantee the cost per wear is pretty low by now.  I always have intentions to buy cocktail dresses that I will wear again, yet that rarely happens.  I am happy to say that I have been successful with at least one dress.

This blazer has also gotten a lot of use this winter.  It really is the perfect blazer.  I only paid 5 dollars for it, but would have paid 30 times that.  It will be worn for years to come.

Do you have any cocktail dresses that have been good investments?  What in your closet has been a good investment?

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent dress , Vintage blazer, belt, and bag, and Steve Madden heels.

I picked up this belt at an estate sale a couple of months ago.  I think it is pretty fantastic.

I bought this clutch in high school at Ropa Usada in my home town for a dollar. Now, that is a good investment.



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11 responses to “Good Investments

  1. Who needs the Tibi dress when you have the white Cynthia Vincent? I know, they’re different…just teasing you! 😉 I think this is one of the classiest looking ensembles EVER. I can’t believe you only paid $5 for that blazer. When you buy vintage, do you have things tailored? Because the blazer looks like it was MADE just for you!

  2. That belt is fantastic!! Great find. And I am a little jealous that you have a great white dress, but love to hear that you have a piece that you get so much wear out of.
    P.S. I cried a little yesterday when I found out the cost of that Tibi dress!!

  3. Gorgeous! That belt really makes the outfit as well! I definitely want to hit up some estate sales in my area.

    Some of the best investments in my closet haven’t really been that much of an investment. A white DVF blazer I got for $88 at Last Call. Some colorblocked shoes I got on clearance at Loehmann’s. I love a bargain.

  4. This makes me think I need to work on making my cocktail-type dresses into better investments! Perhaps time to just pull them out and give them a try for day… I like how yours looks with the blazer.

  5. Love the belt! I’m a fan of any kind of dress including cocktail numbers because they’re so versatile… I combine them with leather or denim jackets, cardis and blazers or scarves to dress them up or down so I can wear most of them pretty much anywhere.

  6. that belt is TO DIE FOR!!!!

  7. lauren s

    that belt is absolutely incredible! is it by any chance stamped by who made it? I’d love to do some etsy/ebay stalking to find something similar 🙂

    I’m terrible about reusing cocktail dresses, particularly for day, but I might have to make a point of trying it this week

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