White Dress

It seems that everything on my wishlist right now is quite spendy.  This Tibi dress, which I think is perfection, is just the latest of my obsessions.  Even though my wish lists keep accumulating pieces, I haven’t really bought much (for me) lately.  I have picked up a few vintage pieces here and there.  I bought those Banana Republic wedges and a two tops from Ann Taylor, but otherwise, I am just looking instead of buying.  I know I will pull the trigger on several items, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Instead, I have been clearing out my closet.  I have a ton of dresses and handbags to get rid of.  Less is more, right?  At least that is what I am currently telling myself.



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6 responses to “White Dress

  1. OMG, that dress is gorgeous in its simplicity. I love it but I am afraid to see the price. 🙂
    I felt like I needed a white dress for spring and bought a shirt dress from F21. It’s a bit see-through so I’m trying to figure out what to put underneath (other than a nude slip). I’m on the hunt for a neon color slip for something different.

  2. Perfect dress. I could see you in that! Cost per wear??? Maybe worth it?

  3. I have a white dress on my list for spring too, but unlike you, I haven’t found the perfect one for me, expensive or otherwise. Boo.

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