Over and Over Again

Lately I have been wearing outfits over and over again.  While some people never wear the same outfit twice, I will wear something over and over again if I really love it.  I will probably wear the exact same outfit 3-5 times if I really like it, its easy, or I am going to be seeing different people when wearing it.  And if I am not wearing the exact same outfit, I am doing a version that is really close. If I like it and feel good in it, why not?   And you know what? I don’t think anyone  notices.  I remember what people wear, but never do I count the number of times someone wears something.  Why should an outfit only see the light of day once?  The only time I don’t do this is with cocktail dresses.  Unfortunately, those usually. get one, maybe two wears before they are banished.  Am I alone here?  How many times do you wear the exact same outfit?

I have worn this outfit with my drapey cream sweater about 4 times.

J Brand jeans, Zara top, Nine West heels.

I love my red shoes, especially paired with yellow.  This outfit, or  a close version of it, has been worn a good 5 times and I plan to continue to wear it.

DL 1961 jeans, shoes from Anthro, Forever 21 top and jacket.

This DVF shirt dress has seen many wears.  My favorite way to wear it is paired with a skinny bottom.  I usually wear it with black leggings, but paired it with grey skinny pants this time around.

DVF shirt dress, Gap skinny pants, Target shoes.



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5 responses to “Over and Over Again

  1. Those are all great outfits on you, so, no wonder you like them! I am sure that I do the same thing, when I remember which combos I put together previously! (You know I suffer from “meno-memory”…”Where are my glasses? Oh, they’re on top of my head.”) I especially love the lace top and jeans.

  2. so pretty! These outfits are so put together, I can see why they’re your go-to outfits! Oh and I just got a lace top I’m hoping to add to my regular rotation!

  3. I’m a re-wearer for sure and always have favorites of the moment. Sometimes I look back and think it was a bit of overkill or starting to border on boring, but mostly I’m completely with you: if I feel great in an outfit, it’ll be seen again! Also very helpful to have go-to favorite outfits when you’re having one of those “I have nothing to wear” days…

  4. I usually change a little something about an outfit. But, like Anne love having a go-to outfit on those days where I struggle to figure out what I’m going to wear.

  5. Love that lace top, it’s so feminine. I definitely wear the same outfits over and over again. Blogging can put the pressure on to constantly find new ways to wear things. But sometimes it’s just meant to be a certain way and as they say, if ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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