Fancy Beach Cover-up

I have a beach vacation coming up and I have always wanted a fancy caftan or some other long, fancy beach cover-up.  They always seem so glamorous and are a far cry from what I wear over my swimsuit.  I love this DFV one, but would never spend that much on a cover-up.  Granted, you could wear this one as a dress….  What do you wear on top of your swimsuit?


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6 responses to “Fancy Beach Cover-up

  1. Anthropologie has this gorgeous cover up by Echo
    The price is still not dirt cheap, but I think it’s gorgeous without paying in the triple digits for something you wear on the beach 🙂

  2. I always want to buy a whole new wardrobe before a beach vacation, including a fabulous cover up. Usually I just do an inexpensive sundress or a button-down long enough to cover up my bum. Too bad this one is so pricey – you’d look great in it!

  3. The color and the style of the dress is to die for. The model is pretty too and her ravish style pairs nicely with the clothing. You could dress this outfit up with some contemporary jewelry or dress down the sandals and a beach hat when it is time to hit the beach! Is summer here yet?

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