I have been wanting a leather top.  This is a frivolous and unneeded purchase, but I can’t stop thinking about it.  They are expensive and impractical for where I live, but again, every time I see one, I am drawn to it.  This lovely and perfect J Brand top is almost 800 dollars. 800 dollars for a top!  That is insane!  There are some for sale, but those are around 300 dollars.  Still a ton for a top.  Maybe one day I will stumble upon one in a vintage store. …..  Are you drawn to a piece that you know is silly for your wardrobe.

J Brand 



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15 responses to “Frivolous

  1. Even tho’ I know it is NEVER going to happen again, I long for a pair of gorgeous high heels. Something like a Manolo, Jimmy Choo, Brian Atwood, or even an Alexander Wang. Those days are gone, and I couldn’t afford the good stuff when I could have worn the heels! So, I live vicariously through my daughter, Rachel (23), whose employer regularly cleans the Pradas, Jimmy Choos and Chanels from her closet and hands them to Rachel….sigh….

  2. Really? A leather top? It just seems hot to me. lol.

    I don’t know that I have any frivolous cravings, I’ll have to think though.

  3. lauren s

    I came across this one on Sequins and Stripes yesterday and seriously considered pulling the trigger. I normally don’t love leather clothing or peplums, but this just did it for me:

  4. I found a BCBG leather skirt on sale last summer at Dillards for about $20. I think if you keep it in the back of your mind and be on the look out for it, you may spot one, someday! Also you are from Austin right? Have you tried looking at the outlet mall in San Marcos? I’ve gotten some great finds there before.

    • That is s great point. I will keep my eyes peeled. I’d really like one that looks like a t shirt. The outlet mall is a great suggestion!


      This is sent from my phone, so please excuse any mistakes.

  5. Kate

    haha is anyone else thinking of the leather pants episode from Friends? where Ross’ pants make him sweat so much he has to go to the bathroom to take them off, but then he can’t get them back on?? hahaha

  6. Julie

    Never considered a leather top until I came across the Joie ‘Jalese’ Top. Unfortunatley, not my size!

  7. Desert Flower

    I succumbed to this particular silly wardrobe desire. I got a $400 Vince leather top on sale last year for about $150. I live in Arizona and I’ve worn it a TON. It’s thin, light leather and I can wear it for all but about 3-4 months of the year. It can go to the office with a jacket over it, it’s great with jeans or chinos for weekends, it’s fabulous with a lace pencil skirt for dinner. Worth every penny I paid for it. Get one!

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