Some find simple to be boring, but I think simple is never boring.  Simple is classic and chic.  I think sometimes people (including myself)  try to add too many things to an outfit to make it interesting.  I need a belt! More color! More patterns!  Lots of times, this works, but sometimes simple is best.  Pick a top in a great color, the perfect fitting jeans, a great heel ( or flat!), and a fantastic piece of jewelry.  Done.

Thanks for all your feedback regarding the Theory blouse!  Ya’ll are right.  It is worth every penny because of the use I will get out of it,  and I will be purchasing it.  Since Shopbop alerts me to when my wishlist items are running low, I will probably hold out for a bit to see if I can snag it a bit on sale, but it will be mine!

Here is my simple outfit from earlier this week.

81 Poppies top, J Brand jeans, Nine West pumps, Stella and Dot earrings.



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4 responses to “Simplicity

  1. OOOOO…I love this color on you (and me!). It is gorgeous!!!! New??
    I think simple is always better for me. I’m tall and larger (5’10” and a size 14), so frou frou looks silly on me. Kind of like the reverse of a kid playing in their grandmother’s trunk. I’ve been a fan of Zoran (remember him from the 80’s?), Joan Vass, and Calvin Klein for a long time…because it WORKS.

  2. I completely agree with you. Sometimes, simple is more. This is absolutely true.Nowadays, after I became a mother, I am dressing more in the simple side, but I always try to add something to make the pieces look unique and nice. Simple, but cute outfit!!!

  3. Love the top! It’s such a special blouse (and gorgeous color) that it carries a whole simple outfit. And I always love a reminder from stylish real life people that simple does not equal boring…

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