Inexpensive Jewelry

I totally believe in spending money on jewelry.  A great piece of jewelry totally makes an outfit and is worth every penny.  That being said, sometimes our pockets aren’t as deep as we would like them to be.  Here are a few budget friendly pieces that I would happily add to my collection.

Ya’ll know I will never get tired of statement necklaces.  This floral bib necklace would be perfect for spring. And, it is under 10 dollars!

This tribal looking piece would be so much fun with a navy dress.

If I am not wearing a big necklace, I am probably in big earrings.  I love these emerald ones.

How great are these?  They look vintage and would look fantastic with your summer LWD.

Do you save or spend on jewelry?



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9 responses to “Inexpensive Jewelry

  1. OK. You’ve outdone yourself today with your posts. I agree 100%, that if I can, I’ll spend more (for me, that means an upward limit of $150) on a necklace or pair of earrings. But sometimes, if a piece is cute and trendy, I’ll spend less and make sure I’m wearing good shoes and carrying a well-made bag to make up for it. LOVE your choices!!

  2. I rarely spend lots of money on jewelry. I’ve just never been a fancy jewels kind of gal and I have a love for the fun, trendy pieces that F21 usually creates. If I had deeper pockets, I would be all over whatever Dannijo creates.

    • I love the way Dannijio looks, but I will not be buying from them again. My necklace broke after only a few wears and my ring gives me a strange rash. I was highly disappointed with the quality.

  3. I always go cheap with jewelry (in fact, I call Forever 21 “the cheap jewelry store”), partly because I like being able to pick out one new statement piece per season… I especially do this in the summer, because when it’s too hot for anything besides shorts & tanks, it’s nice to have a little something new to snazz up the look. I guess part of the trick is picking out the inexpensive stuff that looks expensive – love all the ones you have featured here. But of course the downside is when I wear an inexpensive necklace for a season, it usually ends up tarnished because of the cheap materials – though I suppose I’m getting my money’s worth out of it!

  4. Love your pieces. I don’t spend much on jewelery, I think I rather spend on a nice bag!

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