Theory Blouse

I ducked into Saks the other day to try on this Theory blouse that I have now decided is the perfect blouse.  The only problem with it is that it is a bit out of my budget.  I try not to spend over 100 dollars on tops, but am so tempted by this top.  It would be such a workhorse.  This top would be perfect for work, would look great with a fancy skirt for a night out, and paired with distressed denim, it would even work for the weekend.  I still think I am going to wait for some kind of sale, but I am curious.  What is the most you will spend on a top?  Oh, and excuse the iPhone photo…

J Brand jeans, Nine West shoes, Theory top, and proof that I wear my hair down.



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6 responses to “Theory Blouse

  1. It is a cute top. I think the most I spent it was U$75.

  2. lol. you so rarely wear your hair down…
    you know me – for perfection, i’m willing to pay. if i think i’ll get enough wear to get the cost per wear down very low, i’ll pay a lot for something. that blouse IS perfect, and I know you’d wear it all the time…

  3. The only expensive top I have is my Equipment silk shirt and I love it…I will say 25€ for a t shirt and up to a 100 for a silk shirt, but normally I would’t go that far…only for things that I really like and I am sure I will wear a lot.

  4. If there is an item that I regret walking away from, and I’m still thinking about after I get home and in the coming days, then I know that means I should pay full-price for it. Just think of the cost per wear, Sydney!! (a wise woman taught me that!!! lol…) BUY IT!!

  5. Desert Flower

    I agree with a few of the others, buy it. You will wear it so much, it will end up being pennies per use. You have tempted me to look at it too! I’m picturing it with the DVF pencil skirt I have my eye on.

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