Gold Sweater

I am not a huge fan of sweaters.  I own them and wear them, but I don’t really love them.  If it is a whisper thin, then I like it a whole lot more, but generally speaking I find sweaters to be bulky and unflattering.  Yet, I keep wearing them.  And apparently buying them.  This is a new sweater I picked up at Ann Taylor last week. I love its gold color, but really dislike the way it photographs.  And it snags.  Easily.  I think I snagged it three times in an hour.  I do think this sweater easily transitions from day to night.  I wore this during the day, but would wear it out at night with dark skinny jeans and a statement necklace. What are your thoughts on sweaters?

I wore this to meet with a client and then to get a massage.  Every time I get a massage I wind up with a huge dent on my forehead that somehow lasts for hours.   So, please excuse my dented forehead.  It was totally worth it.

Ann Taylor sweater, Gap Jeans, Nine West kitten heels, and  Stella and Dot earrings,



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3 responses to “Gold Sweater

  1. I think that sweater is great, but I agree I prefer thinner, less bulky sweaters.

    Also, thank you so much for your kind email. If you’re interested in a sort of Throw-Momma-From-the-Train agreement to take care of our idiot physicians, I’m totally in. 😉

  2. Sometimes I feel the same about sweaters – I prefer something a little more streamlined, but the thick ones can be quite a necessity where I live (such as today). I like the looks of this one though – looks great with the distressed jeans and makes them a little fancy; I also love the idea of being able to transition it to evening (because again, winters around here can make it a little difficult to dress for date night…).

  3. I am such a sweater girl! I think it comes with the territory of growing up in Wisconsin in frigid cold winters. But I’m finding that the older and “bulkier” I get, the less chunky my sweaters can be. I’m going for better fabrics, i.e. more cashmere, and more drape. (p.s. I am dying over the “massage dent.” I once stuck one of my little brother’s highchair toys with a suction cup on my forehead on Christmas day when I was around 6, and every single photograph taken that day shows our family, all dressed-up and me with a giant red circle on my forehead!! lol…)

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