Nude Kitten Heel

While I love a colored shoe, nude heels reign supreme for versatility and most wears in my closet.  I am not really a flats person, so a kitten heel is the perfect shoe to wear when my feet have had enough of heels.  Sadly, my Calvin Klein patent leather kitten heels are no longer wearable.  The pointy toe is completely rubbed off from me kicking things?  Running into things?  Who knows.   They have already made two trips to the shoe hospital and my shoe guy has informed me that the only way to fix them is to find a nude nail polish that matches the shoe exactly and paint over the spots.  That is not likely to happen, so I have placed an order for several different nude kitten heels in hopes that something will work.  Here are my picks.

These Nine West pumps.  

Same pump, different color. 

I also ordered these nude wedges.  Maybe they will be more comfortable than the kitten heel?  One of these has to work, right?



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7 responses to “Nude Kitten Heel

  1. I like the wedges because of the small height of the wedge. I never seem to be able to find those. The taller ones always seem to throw my foot too far forward in the shoe, causing pain. I think it would depend on what you plan on wearing them with the most. I’d probably go with the kitten heels if it is skirts and dresses, wedges if with trousers, jeans, etc.

  2. Cola

    Have you tried the JCrew Martina patent wedges?

    • I have not, but they are on my list of shoes to buy! They would be a great option, but I would like something more in the 2 inch range for those days when I feel like I can’t wear heels anymore.

  3. I love my dolce vita nude suede pumps… (most comfy heel ever..order 0.5 size down IMO)

    and my rough justice “stone” colored heels…

    they are both a bit higher in heel height but I only had to wear in the dolce vita’s once (a night of dancing…not the wisest) and the rough justice were comfy new.

    BOTH ARE ON MEGA SALE which is nice.

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