Shopbop’s Ultimate Closet: Workwear Edition

I have been thinking a lot about pieces I would choose if I had to rebuild my wardrobe from scratch.  I don’t have an office to go to, but if I did, and for some reason had the opportunity to totally rebuild my wardrobe from scratch, this wardrobe would be it.  It is pretty perfect.  This wardrobe is clean and simple, which I love.   Since I don’t have an office to go to, I would add a nude shoe, a red shoe, a skinny jean, a silk top in a bright color, a white t-shirt, and a statement necklace.  What pieces would you pick if you had the opportunity to totally rebuild your wardrobe?



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3 responses to “Shopbop’s Ultimate Closet: Workwear Edition

  1. Ugh, it’s fun to fantasize about! I like all the neutrals, but agree with you about adding some pops of color.

  2. I think, no, I KNOW I would definitely go for more quality and less quantity. I swear I only wear about a tenth of what’s in my closet. So, 1. Pricey, perfect fitting jeans by Paige, 2. A perfect Trench 3. Pearl earrings–real ones! 4. Several white button down shirts, varying in style. Maybe even sort of avant-garde, 5. A perfect fitting blazer, 6. Cashmere v-neck sweater,7. Chambray popover shirt, 8. LOTS of really good shoes. No more cheapies for me. My feet deserve better, 9. A really standout handbag–a “for life” piece, and 10. A Dannijo statement necklace and Love Quotes scarf for color and fun. (Honestly, I already own some of these pieces, I think I just have to cull my closet!) Thanks for making me think today!!

  3. Desert Flower

    I am definitely craving less.

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