Long Hoodie

I am not really a hoodie person. I have one that my husband bought me and I wear around the house or to work out in. Usually, I think they are a bit too casual, but I am kind of in love with this extra long hoodie by Enza Costa.    I could see myself sporting this on the weekend with skinny jeans, ballet flats, a t-shirt, and statement necklace.  I think it would also be a great way to dress down a cocktail dress and make it more weekend appropriate. A silk dress topped with cozy French terry?  Yes, please!  What do you think of the long hoodie?



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4 responses to “Long Hoodie

  1. i was kind of intrigued by this too when i saw it. i love it, but as a super-short person, i feel like it would overwhelm me 😦

  2. Hard to even think of it as a hoodie, it’s so gorgeous. The lines are perfection! I’d do it in a heartbeat!

  3. love it! This particular one is a bit pricey–but super cute.
    I have a tunic length one and love it and this is even better!

  4. Oh, this is great. I’ve never seen a long hoodie before, but I’d definitely wear this!

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