Wardrobe Basics: The Trench Coat

Trench coats are definitely a wardrobe basic.  They are the perfect topper to an outfit in the fall or spring, and if you live in a warmer climate, winter too.  A trench automatically adds polish to any outfit, is classic, and goes with everything.  I have two trenches, but neither of them are perfect.  I love one when it is buttoned, but hate it when it is unbuttoned.  The other is a more of a rain coat and looks silly when the sun is shining.  So, I am on the hunt for the perfect trench.  I have tried to convince my husband that a Burberry trench is a necessary closet staple.  He does not agree.  Here are a few trenches at a variety of price points.

This Calvin Klein trench coat has a removable felt lining making it perfect for those in a colder climate. And, it is under a 100 dollars!

Love this Banana Republic trench. Since it is from Banana Republic, there is bound to be a coupon for it soon.

I love the orange details and clean front on this trench coat.

This trench isn’t beige, but navy is just as classic. If I had money to burn, this would be in my closet.

Yves Saint Laurent 

And, the Burberry trench that is perfection, but not in my price range.

Do you have the perfect trench coat?



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11 responses to “Wardrobe Basics: The Trench Coat

  1. I have a long one that works for me in bad weather, but I want one that is a bit more stylish and shorter so I’d feel comfortable wearing it with jeans, etc. I really like the BR one because it comes in Talls, and I need that.

  2. I’m surprised you haven’t found any Burberry at your Gucci Goodwill!! Although, that’s a classic piece to last forever.
    I have two trench coats, one tan and a black. My tan one is cheap, so I would love to get something a bit more long-lasting. However, I saw a trench on Forever 21’s website yesterday that had really interesting pockets and a nice belt. Style versus substance when it comes to something you don’t wear very often?
    That navy one is killer!! I love that hemline!!

  3. Kate

    I have that BR trench and I love it – I think I got it during a cardmember sale but would have gladly paid full price. The leather detailing on the buckles makes it look more expensive than it is, and the lining has actually gotten several compliments (mine is light blue/white stripes inside, not sure if they still are?) It’s also warm enough for chilly fall/spring days without being too heavy.

  4. max

    As the proud owner of a Burberry trench (found at a thrift store for just 10 bucks) I have to say it really is the perfect coat. So just keep your eyes peeled cause I’m sure there are more of them hidden out there!

  5. I broke down and did it after I read your post: I ordered the one from Banana Republic in a Tall! Now I can’t wait til it arrives (And there was 30% off, but I found one later by Merona for Target that was MUCH less, with a similar look).

  6. Have you seen the Burberry site The Art of The Trench? It’s absolutely amazing! It shows the many unique ways people style their trench. I think this means I need a trench…….

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