I am kind of obsessed with Shopbop’s newest model.  She. Is. Gorgeous.  Everything looks fantastic on her.  This outfit is SO Miami Vice and not cute.  But on her, I don’t hate it.  I think she would look good in a potato sack.

I am also really digging this cashmere sweater.

I wore this sometime last week when it was cold. Yesterday it was a gorgeous 78 degrees.  Today it is going to be 75, but I am headed to Portland where it is going to be 45.  Yikes.

Vintage blazer, thrifted dress, Spanx tights, Bongo shoes.

I need to write a review for these new jeans.  I am kind of obsessed with them and wore them three times in one week.  Too much?

Old Navy sweater, DL 1961 Jeans, Calvin Klein shoes, Stella and Dot necklace.

Have any random thoughts to share?



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6 responses to “Random

  1. Totally agree with you about the model. I haven’t seen her before, but she should be doing magazine editorial work! (her second outfit is adorbs!). I LOVE your outfit with the thrifted (!) dress. Your color sense is impeccable and everything about the outfit says, “Put my pic on ‘Street Style’!!” Oh, and I’ve been really curious about DL1961 jeans. Do a review because I’d love to know about the fit and sizing accuracy, stretch, washability, etc.!! (and no, 3 days isn’t too much. That’s exactly what my J Crew personal stylist told me to do!)

  2. erin

    I took your advice and bought that camel-colored Old Navy sweater (worn in your last pic). I really like it, but I feel like I need to wear something underneath it (neckline tends to go all Flash Dance on me from time to time and the high cut front shows off my belly). I can’t tell if you’re wearing anything under the sweater in this pix. Would love your advice.

    • Erin, I must have broader shoulders than you because it doesn’t fall off my shoulders, but i have worn a strapless bra once with it. Maybe that would help? I have to wear a higher rise pant/ skirt with it, otherwise my midriff would be showing. I have worn a button down underneath it and I have also worn a camisole tucked into my pants for extra coverage. Hope this helps!

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  3. I have that pink and blue outfit on one of my Pinterest boards! I love it, but I’m not sure how practical it would be. I might try it with a pink blouse and a blue skirt.

    I love your new skinny jeans! I’ve been partial to Paige since Thanksgiving, but I would like to see your review of the DL1961s.

  4. I totaly love your dress here, the patterns are fantastic! (It looks like so much fun to wear.) And your necklace in your second picture is great, it really spices up the basic sweater/jeans combo.

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