Adventures in Proportion

I like oversized, comfortable clothing.  I love slouchy shirts, drapey dresses, and all things that hide my figure.  The problem with these pieces are that they hide your figure.  A catch 22, isn’t it?  Even though I know these larger pieces are not the most flattering silhouette, I still wear them, but I try to pair them with something fitted so I am not completely lost under my swaths of fabric.  I always advise my clients to pair an oversized top with skinny jeans or a drapey dress with a fitted blazer, that way we get some sense of shape.  Even though I love this look on most, this is going to be hardest for busty women to pull off.  If you are busty and want to wear oversized pieces, I would suggest wearing a fitted cardigan or blazer over your top to give yourself some kind of figure.

Free People sweater, J Brand skinnies, Calvin Klein shoes, scarf from India.

This dress is by no means oversized, but it is drapey and does look best paired with a fitted blazer.

T by Alexander Wang dress, vintage blazer, Bongo oxfords, Spanx tights.

Do you like drapey dresses or oversized tops?



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8 responses to “Adventures in Proportion

  1. CUTE!!! I love that dress in the long-sleeve version and I should have bought it when I could. I haven’t seen it anywhere in a looooong time! And I am all about drapey and loose. I do the same thing you do and wear loose with fitted. It just makes things look better and I don’t look like I’m about to inflate and fly away!

  2. yes! I love drapey! We are dress twinz again!

  3. J.

    My favorite silhouette! Drapey on top, fitted on the bottom. It’s sort of a go to for me!

  4. I love drapey stuff, but it doesn’t really work for me. I’m not that busty, but I am broad-shouldered and just bigger over all so I don’t look chic and casual, I just look sloppy. Which, frankly, sucks.

    • There are many styles that I would love to wear, but don’t work for my body shape. I had a brief love affair with pleated and fuller skirts, but realized that they *really *don’t work with my body shape. We all have to figure out what works for us, right? You pull off many other looks so well!

  5. I don’t think we should always wear only was it’s flattering on us. I believe that if you feel comfortable wearing something just wear it, don’t worry too much.

  6. Mmmm, I love drapey, flowly dresses! And I love the look of baggy sweaters with skinny jeans, but it can be a hard look to pull off if you’re busty. (Although, I found that the high-low baggy sweaters can work, they help give more of a waistline up in front.)

    Your first look is really cute, that scarf is lovely.

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