Letterman Jacket Trend

I have seen many women over the age of 18 sporting Letterman jackets on the internet lately.  I have to admit that I don’t understand this trend at all.   Why would one want to wear a jacket that many high school girls borrow from their boyfriend or earned themselves from playing sports?  I rarely wore my Letterman jacket in high school.  It was bulky, purple, and kind of ugly.  Sure, I was proud to own one, but it didn’t get that much use.  Now, I would never wear one because it reminds me of a high school girl, and since I am far from my teens, I don’t want to look like a high school girl.  I would like to look like to look a few years younger, but more than 10 years younger, no thank you.

What am I missing here?  Do you like the Letterman jacket trend?  Hate it? Get it?  I would love to hear what you think.



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6 responses to “Letterman Jacket Trend

  1. lisarae

    ah ! you say ( to the trend of Letterman jackets ), ” I don’t want to look like a high school girl” .
    With age comes wisdom 🙂
    Re: the girl in the photo: she would look good in a paper bag. and I think you would too.
    I suppose it comes down to our confidence in what we are wearing and what image we think we are projecting to others.

    • jessica

      lettermans r soo in right now i love them and tbh i see your point but i think the age range should be 10-25 wear lettermans

  2. I used to wear my guy friend’s jacket in college when we’d go out to the bars, but that was just for fun. For anyone out of H.S.??? You’re going to show up in the GLAMOUR Don’ts section with a black bar across your face!

  3. I never had a letterman’s jacket in high school and I’m not digging this trend either. However, I saw a pic of some lady wearing an all black version with black leather sleeves and I actually thought it looked pretty chic. This will probably be a trend that I won’t get on board with because I would much rather add a classic piece.

  4. Rachel

    yuck. no thank you.

  5. That is just WRONG. I didn’t even know I had a letterman jacket (my mom found it in my old closet) so obviously I didn’t wear it back in the day. I’m certainly not going to wear one now.

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