I have worn stripes every day for the past four days.  Stripes are easy, classic, and abundant in my closet.  Some of my clients are nervous about wearing horizontal stripes for fear that the stripes will make them look larger.  This can be true sometimes, but there is a stripe for everyone.  A medium stripe, not too large and not pin-thin, will look good on most body types.  Also, the fit of the top is key here.  A t00-tight or oversized top is going to be unflattering any way; add a stripe to an ill-fitting top and you are just drawing attention to the fact that your top doesn’t fit.  If stripes make you nervous, you can always go for an angled striped top.  Those are universally flattering!   I will say if your midsection is something you really want to hide, stripes might not be the best way to go.  But, a classic is a classic for a reason, right?  They look good on many and are eternally in style.

Old Navy sweater, thrifted silk button-up, and J Brand jeans that look too long but really aren’t.

Danijo bracelets that I LOVE, but would recommend because they snag everything, gifted snakeskin bracelet, and TAG watch that was my college graduation gift from my father.

Thrifted Ralph Lauren top, Rachel Leigh necklace, J Crew skirt, Chie Mihara shoes from Anthropologie.



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9 responses to “Stripes

  1. yay stripes! esp love the 2nd outfit–I just got that jcrew skirt in two colorways–twinz?

  2. I would wear stripes everyday if I could, but then I’d become the “Iris Apfel” of stripes and people would think that I was kind of eccentric and yes, maybe stylish, but sort of nuts. So, I try to limit myself to several times per week.

  3. Sorry, Sydney! I failed to actually comment on how much I love your outfits! (esp. loving the pop of red with the color combo!)

  4. Oh how I love that second outfit!! It looks so feminine and chic
    I love stripes, but they aren’t always my friend because of my not so trim midsection and broad shoulders, but I agree that the size of the stripe can make all the difference and the top could always be layered under a cardi or blazer.

  5. I love stripes!! It looks like it’s the only thing I am wearing lately as well….I love the first look, I need a pair of jeans like those.

  6. Our team at Frock Candy loves stripes and especially loves your style! ❤

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