I spotted this necklace last night in my People Stylewatch.  I need it.

Serenity Necklace

Am I the only one who reads People Stylewatch?


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6 responses to “Gorgeous

  1. I love People Stylewatch, actually. And I agree, this necklace is gorgeous.

  2. So pretty! And People Stylewatch is always what I reach for when I’m waiting in a long line at the grocery store checkout…

  3. I read People StyleWatch every month and I’m a little upset that the stores around here don’t have the February issue yet.
    That necklace is totally gorgeous!! I would wear it and I know you love a good statement necklace.

  4. I was JUST looking at that! It’s gorgeous, but I find it so difficult to allow myself to spend good money on jewelry. Not sure why…it’s probably a patriarchal holdover of the idea that “only men can buy jewelry for their women”! (well, that’s something I’ll be discussing with my therapist this week! lol…)

  5. Love that necklace!!
    I just got my issue in the mail..can’t wait to read it!! Love that mag!

  6. People StyleWatch is my bible! 🙂

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