Outfits as of Late

Going back to work after vacation is always hard.  I always complain that the real world is boring and would love to continue to live in my fantasy world of no work and nights filled delicious food and wine.  Unfortunately one must pay bills and be a real adult, so I went back to work this week like a grown up.  Since I struggled to once again get up before 8 o’clock, I have been wearing jeans all week.  You can’t deny the ease and polish of dark denim, and since I work for myself, I have declared it jeans at work week.  I have also allowed myself to wear the same jeans and shoes for several days.  Don’t judge.  It makes getting dressed easy.  I know many of you don’t work for yourself or can’t wear denim to work, so what do you wear when you head back to work after a vacation?

J Brand jeans, Zara blazer, vintage silk blouse, Calvin Klein shoes, Forever 21/J. Crew necklace.

Vince sweater, Equipment blouse that Sharon found for me, J Brand jeans, Calvin Klein shoes, Kendra Scott necklace, and terrible roots that will finally be fixed next week.



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5 responses to “Outfits as of Late

  1. whoa that 2nd outfit is especially awesome! Reminds me of my college fashion philosophy of “surely all blues match”. But you do it in a much chic-er way that doesn’t involve baby blue Van sneakers…

  2. I went with a new dress, I figure if I have to be back in the real world at least I can feel pretty!

  3. I love that you’re rocking the pointy toed shoes. They’re fabulous.

    And I’ve been wearing outfits I had planned but never got around to. No thinking involved so it’s perfect.

  4. So did Sharon thrift the Equipment shirt for you? If so, that’s an amazing find. I tend to wear the same pair of jeans for 3 days in a row (unless I get creative) and then wash. Shoes? Depends on how my feet feel that day. I love that your “signature” is a statement necklace and fab shoes. A pretty profound statement, in my opinion…;-)

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