Wardrobe Basics: Cashmere

Every wardrobe needs some cashmere.  This doesn’t mean that it has to be a ridiculously expensive (hello, sales!) cashmere sweater, but it should be something cashmere–socks, a hat, a scarf, a cardigan, something. J. Crew’s cashmere sales are pretty great!   But with so many stores and brands selling cashmere, how does one choose a piece of cashmere?

1. Cashmere should feel luxurious. If it does not, put it back!

2.  I usually buy my cashmere from places I know trust.  J. Crew has great cashmere, Grechen swears by Inhabit, and I have had pretty good luck buying cashmere accessories off of Bluefly.

3.  Look closely at the piece and make sure the fibers are tightly woven.

4.  This is not the place to hope for a bargain. Yes, you can find cashmere on sale, but you are unlikely to find it dirt cheap.  This is the place to spend a bit more.

Here are a few of my cashmere picks.

This J. Crew cashmere sweater is classic and won’t ever go out of style. I  would pair it with jeans, a statement necklace, and a colorful pair of heels.

Cashmere long-sleeve tee

I have loved my cropped sweaters this season; adding one in cashmere would be luxurious addition to my current collection.

I love the idea of a fancy sweatshirt.  One in cashmere makes your sweatshirt anything but sloppy.

Cashmere Isabel sweatshirt

This cashmere wrap can be worn as shown or as a scarf.

style #313895107 baltic cashmere frayed scarf

On a budget?  Buy yourself a cashmere hat.  I promise you won’t regret it.

style #314171103 light grey cashmere rib knit beanie hat

If I lived in a cooler climate you better believe I would splurge on these.  


I own a cashmere scarf, cardigan and short-sleeved sweater all bought on sale.  I would probably have more pieces if I lived somewhere colder.  Several years ago I bought my husband a cashmere hoodie and he worn it until holes formed on the elbows.  If you splurge, you will get every penny out of your purchase.  What cashmere pieces do you own?


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4 responses to “Wardrobe Basics: Cashmere

  1. Ooh, good reminder. Cashmere has been on my “to invest in” list for a while, and right about now (while I’m freezing) is sounding like a good time! My other goal lately is to buy things that look rich – whether they’re investment pieces or relatively inexpensive ones. Cashmere definitely fits that!

  2. I love cashmere!! I have a couple of cashmere sweaters and always look to add more, but you are right that it is hard to find bargain prices.

    I would absolutely die for a pair of cashmere pants!! I almost bought a pair from Off Saks several years ago, but decided against it. I still kick myself for doing that.

  3. I own a lot of cashmere sweaters–I guess it’s that cold weather thing you talked about. From J Crew: the long-sleeve tee in hot pink and one in camel, a v-neck in purple, short-sleeve (looks so cute layered over a white button down) in papaya. Then there’s my black turtleneck from Land’s End, my teal wrap sweater from Calypso (a STEAL at $93 marked down from $300+!!!) and a couple of INHABIT pieces. Or maybe it’s not cold weather at all, but just hoarding!! lol…

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